Stay Neatly Organized While Making Quality Time For Family Bonding

Bringing home a newborn infant from the hospital is an exciting experience whether it's the first or fifth time doing so. Expectant parents may also feel overwhelmed by preparations and unsure where to begin. There is so much to be done! As a family assistant, I have seen firsthand what is needed on the journey into parenthood and offer you my help in navigating potential hazards.

My name is Miyosha and I provide in-home services to "lighten the load" for both pregnant and postpartum families. With my help, you'll tackle the ever-mounting to-do list before baby arrives. I can organize the nursery for you, manage gift registries, and write thank you notes, for example. Since daily household chores and running errands often get put on hold during the postpartum time, hiring me to complete tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry can afford you quality time to spend with your new bundle of joy.

Think of me as an extra pair of helping hands in managing your household or running errands for your family around town. Keep in mind, reserving more sessions with me affords time to accomplish detailed projects or simple tasks on a recurring basis.

Best wishes on your adventure! I hope you bring me along...



New York native Miyosha Biggs, also known as Meshe, is a personal concierge residing in the city of Atlanta. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Media & Communications from SUNY Old Westbury in Long Island, Miyosha explored a few career fields and later found her passion for assisting families in planning and organizing.


Car Service - Pick up or drop off older children to and from play dates, school, after-school activities, etc. (Add-on $25 per shift.) 

Baby Laundry - I will remove tags, wash, fold and/or hang clothes while organizing baby’s laundry by size, season and color. How awesome is that?!

Nesting Help - I provide an extra pair of helping hands with piecing together furniture, adding final touches to nursery decor, organization and storage of clothes, diapers, toys and future-use items.

Dishwashing / Sterilization - I sterilize bottles, pacifiers, utensils and any other objects that go in and out of your babies mouth. 

Light Cleaning - if you don't have a regular housekeeper, I’ll tidy up for you by emptying trash bins and diaper genies, wiping down kitchen countertops, loading/unloading the dishwasher and vacuuming the home.

Grocery Shopping - you write the list, I shop. Easy, peasy!

Scheduling Assistance - let me help you stay on track by creating and managing your schedule. I'll arrange doctor appointments, classes, events and more.

If you have a job in mind that's not listed above, feel free to request help with it when scheduling the first visit. The post-purchase intake form and phone consult will determine the job list per session. Thanks for the opportunity to support your family.

The Magic of White Noise

by Julie Trotter, Newborn Care Specialist and Instructor

Key points to get the best out of your noise machine:

  1. Turn it up as loud as possible. It should be about as loud as your vacuum cleaner.

  2. Place it 2-5 feet away from the baby’s crib.

  3. Make sure it plays continuously through the baby’s sleep time at night and naps (the Conair brand may have a timer button on the side - make sure this is OFF).


Tummy Time!

by Julie Trotter, Newborn Care Specialist and Instructor

Tummy Time Tip:

Watch your baby as he sleeps and note if he tends to hold his head toward one direction more than the other. If so, be sure to change the direction of his head so he spends an equal amount of time lying on both sides to prevent flatness.

Tummy time is of huge importance to help prevent Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. In a culture where we can not always hold our babies or have someone else hold them, it leads to babies being flat on their backs for longer periods of time. Tummy time will give your baby the ability to not only avoid flat head syndrome, but help promote pushing up, crawling, rolling over, sitting up and eventually pulling to a stand.

Tummy time can be a great time to bond with your baby skin to skin. Undress your baby down to his diaper and place him on your skin at your chest as you recline in bed or in a chair. Your baby will likely snuggle right in and love the position and warmth from your body. You can also do tummy time by placing your baby on your lap or on a semi firm surface like a blanket over the carpet. As your baby gets older and has more head control there are great tummy time toys that you can utilize like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Activity Gym. 

A great tip to remember to help avoid flat head syndrome when placing baby on his back for sleeping is be sure to watch your baby as he sleeps and note if he tends to hold his head toward one direction more than the other. Be sure to move his head the other direction so he's on both sides equally to prevent flatness on one side.

Baby Basics: Cradle Cap Prevention and Care

by Julie Trotter, Newborn Care Specialist and Instructor

Bath Time Tips:

  • Cradle cap is oily, yellowish, scaley skin on your baby's head that you may start to see appear a few weeks after birth.
  • With each bath, use a small drop of soap on a baby brush and gently swirl the brush over the top of your baby's head to loosen the skin.
  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse the shampoo out.

Baby Basics: Clipping Nails and Cord Care

by Julie Trotter, Newborn Care Specialist and Instructor

Cord care

  • No alcohol swabbing is needed.
  • Let it dry out on its own (fold the diaper down away from stump). Usually within 7-10 days it will fall off.
  • Watch for foul odor and yellow/whitish discharge, which is a sign of possible infection.

Clipping nails

  • Nails are adhered to your baby's skin at birth.
  • It is best to use a nail file instead of clippers to avoid accidentally clipping your baby's skin.